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King of Gangs: Idle Mafia

💡 Platform – Android

The description of King of Gangs: Idle Mafia (by Loongcheer Game)

Play Gangster Simulation Game, Step into the Criminal Underworld! The King of Gangs is a mafia-themed tycoon game, in which you can engage in gang wars, rally your partners, build your gang team, battle with enemies, manage the city, and finally become the city’s overlord! More exciting events and casual mini-games await, fully immersing you in a dangerous and thrilling gangster world. For your world-famous gang dream, it’s now time to try!

Your father and gang partners were brutally murdered in a gang fight. After returning home from prison, you look at the dilapidated house, and memories flood back. You must seek the truth in the darkness and fulfill your mission of avenging your father. Meanwhile, in this chaotic time, some rebels are still trying to seize your territory and business. It’s time to assemble your gang and restore order. Although the path of revenge is winding, they will eventually know who truly controls the city!

Game Features

Intense Duel & Fight
Deploy your partners to execute gang missions and complete city challenges. Rob and attack to constantly expand your gang’s territory. Challenge formidable bosses in the fight club, participate in disciple competitions, and send your partners to eliminate tough opponents to gain massive resources!

King of Gangs: Idle Mafia

Numerous Gang Partners
Gather numerous partners and build your gang leadership. Not only can you recruit skilled mobsters, but also agile shadow assassins, powerful legendary fighters, and top-notch shooters, all helping you rise from an unknown to a street overlord!

King of Gangs: Idle Mafia

Attractive Babe Dating
Do you wanna date your dream lovers? You can enjoy countless wonderful dates with your dream lovers in the game. With charming babes from various backgrounds, there’s always one for you! Charming archaeologist, sweet girlfriend, beautiful policewoman, and thoughtful street artist… There’s always a lover who can make your soul tremble by resonance!

King of Gangs: Idle Mafia

Exciting Mini-games
Enjoy rich and fun mini-games within the game, including rescuing beauties in the street, teaming up for high-speed car races, enjoy 2048 merge games and Tetris-like games! Moreover, there are more casual games so that you can get generous game resources at your fingertips. They can ensure your gaming moments are never boring with receiving numerous rewards easily!

King of Gangs: Idle Mafia

Social Guild System
Play with millions of players from all over the world and share the joy of the game and life! Complete guild missions and finish the guild donation to gain rich game resources. Discuss your plans and challenge the guild BOSS to win rich rewards!

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King of Gangs: Idle Mafia

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