King of Septsea

Early Access – CBT2 + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of King of Septsea (by JJWORLD)

King of Septsea is a strategy game featuring intense real-time battles, forging alliances and building up islands however you want. The age of naval warfare is here!

You are not the only one fighting for control of these fragmented islands in the seven seas. You must constantly gather new plots of land to form a mighty island upon which you will build cannons, artillery, machine gun towers and other fortifications in attack formations that you decide. Brave machine gunners, brawny infantry and heavily-armored soldiers await your orders. Fight in real-time against players controlling other islands and attack utilizing your own strategy to maximize your chances of victory. Choose an alliance carefully so that whenever you come under attack, you can call upon allies to send support to you in real-time and vice versa. You can also plunder the enemy’s ocean resources to build and upgrade your alliance’s island fortress.

Become ruler of the seas or be cast into its depths! Come and join the most fun and addictive RTS game today!

King of Septsea

Island Homes
Starting from a small plot of land on the ocean, build cannons, expand your island and develop your civilization through research!
All plots of land are movable. You can position your cannons and adjust your fortification layout depending on the enemy you’re up against. How will you arrange your forces and defenses for the fight?
Recruit and train melee, mid-range and long-range soldiers in the barracks. Each is stronger against one and weaker against the other.

King of Septsea

Form Alliances
Meet other players from all around the world with whom you can form alliances… or rivalries!
Support allies in real-time whose islands are under attack, and you’ll never fight alone.
But with alliances… come betrayals. Your ally today could become a double agent or turn against you in a key battle tomorrow! Don’t be too generous with your trust.

King of Septsea

Fight Battles
Expand your control on the seas, capture more resources and become the ruler of the great blue!
All fights happen in real-time. You can check the relative power of each side in a fight at any time and decide whether to send forces or ask for help.
The castle, being a massive unit that can also move and fight in battles, is an innovative key strategic target that makes battles more interesting.

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Available: Google Play – ID, MY, CA, US, etc…

King of Septsea

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