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King of Worlds

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The description of King of Worlds

Dominate over others within kingdom wars for free!!
Master the gameplay in 60 seconds;
conquer the region in 24 hours;
obtain Tier 3 soldiers in 48 hours;
and form the strongest Alliance in 72 hours!

King of Worlds is an SLG game with amazing war systems. The kingdom is now in your grip. Recruit ancient heroes to fight alongside you. Train your army and conquer to become the best of the best!

Conquer the Wonders, Conquer the World
The Wonders locate at different parts of the world
Whoever conquered it, can rule the world!
Now, it’s time to test your ability as Leader
It is no longer dream to become the King of all!

King of Worlds

Form Alliance to strengthen your Power
It is better to have one more friend than one more enemy
Form Alliance and develop your Power
Strengthen Alliance fortress to secure your territory!

King of Worlds

A good Adviser that can save your day
Your adviser will remind you on missions that needed to be complete and guide you through the game.
They also have special skills and extra buff that could help you!
By completing Adviser’s missions, you could earn amazing rewards too.

King of Worlds

Grab amazing rewards even when you’re offline
Exclusive SLG idle gameplay, earn rewards without staying online
Tons of Hero EXP, resources, speedups, Hero shards, crystals and more amazing rewards are waiting for you!

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King of Worlds
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