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Kingdom Brawl: War Legion

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Kingdom Brawl: War Legion (by Very Nice Games)

War is rising in the dark. As an army commander, your strategy is to summon legendary heroes & squads in this fantasy RPG game, and forge an epic army to battle against the rising shadow. Glory lies in mastering the art of war.

Summon Epic Heroes

To win battles in this fantasy strategy game, you need to collect heroes. Heroes rise to command their squads to battle, armed with unique skills and powerful elements. Choose which heroes to summon to your battle squad and which squads to unite to conquer enemy troops on the battlefield.
Explore the kingdom and collect them all!

Kingdom Brawl: War Legion

Build a Powerful Strategy

Engage in epic battles in the world of Kingdom Brawl, as you rise through the ranks & upgrade your army with powerful squads. Collect legendary heroes, and master their powers. The fate of the kingdom hangs in the balance, and every strategic step can turn the tide of war. Call your legendary battle squad, choose your hero commanders & lead your legions to battle with cunning tactics, as only the most strategic mind will rise to glory.

Kingdom Brawl: War Legion

Master the skills of battle legends

In this epic RPG game, you have to upgrade your battle squads to unlock powerful abilities and strengthen your forces. But beware, for the darkness is relentless, and the enemy will stop at nothing to see your kingdom fall. Will you lead your heroes to victory and claim dominion over the realm, or will you succumb to the shadow that threatens to consume all?

Kingdom Brawl: War Legion
Kingdom Brawl: War Legion

Command your army to battle

As the call of Hades echoes on the battlefield, prepare your warrior squad, step into the arena and wage total war on enemy armies! Fight bravely, commander, for the war for glory has only just begun!

Available: Google Play – PH

Kingdom Brawl: War Legion

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