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Kingdom: Fire of war (Kr)

Official Launch+Apk

The description of Kingdom: Fire of war

Unlimited Open World MMORPG
Navigate the battlefield without loading in the seamless open world!

Kingdom: Fire of war

“Free trading” item exchange
Buy the items you need, and sell the remaining items!
Completion of a free economy through free transactions between users!

Kingdom: Fire of war

Transformation System
Make your own unique character through 90 different types of transformation!

Kingdom: Fire of war

Pet system
The tough adventure comes with a variety of pets,
Collect your companion for a long journey!

Kingdom: Fire of war

Cooperation or competition? Field Boss System
A powerful field boss that anyone can challenge in an open space!
Whether to be together or to read alone, the choice is yours!

Rune system
Strike type of strike, defense of iron wall defense, balance of absolute balance!
Cultivate your own character with the style you want!

Don’t be vigilant! Infinite competition PVP
Experience endless competition with the free PK system in all regions!

Stay tuned for updates in the official Facebook community.
Kingdom: Fire of war
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