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Kingdom Heroes – Empire

💡 Platform – Android | iOS(testflight) | PC

The description of Kingdom Heroes – Empire (by USERJOY Technology Co., Ltd.)

Kingdom Heroes is the first cross-civilisation game in the series. It combines the four civilizations of the Han Dynasty, Bakufu, Federal, and Roma, with innovative and diversified gameplay, including BOSS capture, hot and cold weapon encounters, career restriction, free trading, soldier system, and the incarnation of famous generals, to conquer thousands of miles of rivers and mountains with the Kingdom Heroes of the century, which will truly satisfy your imagination of the national war MMORPGs!

Fusion of Chinese and foreign countries, realize your dream of being a hero!
There’s more than just the Three Kingdoms! This time, the civilizations of the centuries are brought together to compete with hot and cold weapons. The Han Dynasty and the Bakufu in the East, and the Federal and Roma in the West. Players will have the freedom to choose between cold weapons like swords and knives, or hot weapons like muskets and guns to break into the world.

Kingdom Heroes - Empire

Battle with heroes across the past and present
Countless famous generals are waiting to be recruited by you, fight alongside them, conquer thousands of miles of rivers and mountains, and create your own glorious legend. Experience different times, explore the culture and history of each country, and become a witness and rewriter of history.

Kingdom Heroes - Empire

The king and generals become soldiers, and the iron-blooded armies are all over the world.
Capture system: Capture monsters, chiefs, and world kings in the map/copy, breaking away from the traditional process of raising soldiers, and making BOSSes for your own use! Soldier system, sending soldiers into battle will support different formations and allow players to fight with multiple soldiers.

Kingdom Heroes - Empire

Hot and Cold, Create Professions without Limitations
Dual-weapon setup, adjust equipment, skills, and avatars according to your interests, and alternate between near and far combinations, or shields to join the attack and defense. Learn 2 different types of magic at the same time to create a unique character and increase the variability of battlefield wisdom and courage.

Kingdom Heroes - Empire

Trade and commerce, high degree of freedom in trading
The game has a complete trade system, bidding, exchange, etc., to satisfy players who like to trade freely and have more room to play. New trend chart system, all market prices are decided by players!

Kingdom Heroes - Empire

Battle of Nations writes history into legend!
Real-time map slaying with 10,000 players, one man to hold the pass and one man to occupy the city as the king. In the large-scale PVP battle, you and your friends will form an army and occupy cities and strongholds to gain supreme glory and special rewards.

Kingdom Heroes - Empire

Endless battles, write your way to be the king!
You will be the leader of fate, writing history into legend, traveling through time and space, meeting heroes of the past and present, building your way to the throne, and becoming an invincible legend.

Join us and create your own legend alongside the heroes! The battle ahead is waiting for your horn to sound, ignite your blood, answer the call, and achieve a generation of legends!

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Kingdom Heroes - Empire

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