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Kingdom Heroes M

Early Access(CBT)+Apk – Time: 11/03/2021-17/03/2021

💡Platform – Android

The description of Kingdom Heroes M (by USERJOY Technology Co., Ltd.)

Kingdom Heroes M is a mobile version of the classic PC game Kingdom Heroes Online. It inherits all the core elements, such as the art style, character’s job, gears, war soul, state war, etc. New interface on mobile device allows gamers to play the game without boundaries.

Game Features
● Inherit the Classic Three Kingdoms
The original 101 Classic Maps and 53 War Souls reappears in mobile version, and ready to bring back past memories with a new gaming experience.

Kingdom Heroes M

● Battle Online with Tens of Thousands Real Player
Set your strategy, lead your troops and battle online with tens of thousands real players in State War.

Kingdom Heroes M

●Defeat Dungeon Boss
Team-up and defeat Dungeon Boss to obtain Boss Drops.

Kingdom Heroes M

● Collect Epic and Powerful Gears
Everyone can have epic gears regardless of their character’s level. Simply enhance the gear to become a powerful one.

● Optimized Auto System
Optimized auto system supports player to beat monster and level up.

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Kingdom Heroes M
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