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Kingdom Heroes: Tactics

Official Launch – Global + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Kingdom Heroes: Tactics (by USERJOY Technology Co., Ltd.)

Official launch at 12:00 on 9/20 (UTC+8)

From one lord to the three kingdom, with the real battle of the Three Kingdom, where Luoyang became the emperor’s final destination. In the 23 million grids, you can play against the princes of the world, and gallop with the heroes of the history.

With a massive open field map, all heroes must fight again for their fates. Organize all army to be ready to strikes. More than 200 hundred fortresses, thousands of troops and the heroes will prove themselves by standing till the end. Experience the real-time strategy, de ploy your teams wisely, conquer enemies and unite the empire.

Kingdom Heroes: Tactics

At the end of Han Dynasty, people are suffered from the tyranny. You will play as a hero stand for the people. Recruit your men and gather resources to defeat rascal, conquer fortresses and enlarge your troops, fight with your allies and stand against the government.

Deploy your troops in a real-time battlefield, dive in warfare. Determine the fate of every hero. Swift as wind and attack like fire, arrange different arrays at will, experience the most immersive strategy game on your device.

Kingdom Heroes: Tactics

In this chaos era, it is always better to make friends than enemies. Join as alliances, organize your teammates, and fight together to lead you to the victory. Rallies on the massive field from time to time, together you will have the whole nation be in control.

True Legends, Strategies of Ancient Myths
Chinese history only records the one who win. Be the empire with largest territory, the largest army force, and the one who leads most heroes

In addition to cities, fortresses, and checkpoints on the big map of “Three Kingdoms Heroes-Strategy Edition”, there are also hidden temples dedicated to ancient emperors.

Be the chosen one and subdue the holy beasts such as Suzaku, Qinglong, White Tiger, Xuanwu, Qilin, and etc.

Kingdom Heroes: Tactics

Real Kingdom Hero, a unique strategy game
War can happen at any time and place.

This is committed to presenting the most characteristic war game with Chinese style. Greatly restored map and provides elements such as military command, personnel training, economic research, diplomatic offense and defense.

I hope that you can feel the real experience wandering in the world where the heroes of the Three Kingdoms fight and gallop on the battlefield….

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Kingdom Heroes: Tactics

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