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Kingdom Hunter Heroes

Official Launch(KR) – F2P Version + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

Languages: English, Korean

The description of Kingdom Hunter Heroes (by RedFox Games M)

‘Kingdom Hunter Heroes’ is a story of heroes who reveal the secrets of the gods and build a new empire in a medieval fantasy setting, and is a new genre that exquisitely combines strategy simulation games (SLG) and card trading games (TCG). as a game. These differentiated systems are very unique and provide a different gaming experience.

The attractive characters and high-quality 2D graphics add a modern feel to the classic medieval features, and provide players with the comfort of 2D gameplay, as well as creating great tension between players on the real-time battlefield, making it different from other games. It creates a different kind of fun that you can’t feel.
In addition, it is systematically oriented towards a very vast open world, enabling endless content development and updates, making future content even more exciting.

‘Kingdom Hunter Heroes’ develops attractive characters with over 140 different skills,
The player becomes the lord of the city and develops a city composed of various buildings,
It is a ‘Strategy Simulation TCG’ genre game in which you have a strategic base located in the center of the map in order to acquire resources and items necessary for upgrading on the world map battlefield where numerous bases exist, and engage in fierce competition and battles with the opposing alliance in real time.

Kingdom Hunter

A great journey with charming hero cards
More than 140 attractive characters, each with their own personality, are specialized in different missions such as combat and internal affairs. The higher your understanding of the hero, the stronger your lord will be. Cultivate your own character through a highly flexible development system.

Vast world map battlefield
The world map battlefield with huge slots has various strategic bases for building your empire.
Grow by collaborating with your alliance, engaging in fierce battles with the opposing alliance, and exploring strategic bases. Empire building is an alliance rather than alone. Remember!!!

Kingdom Hunter

Strategy play
The core is to configure a corps deck optimized for battle by considering skill turns as well as 80 different types of troops and their relationship. Therefore, depending on how to configure the legion deck, you can create a hero’s growth strategy and win in a fierce strategy confrontation. Even with the same troops, the outcome of the battle will be significantly different depending on how they are arranged and organized.

The cornerstone of a mighty empire is the internal affairs of the city
There are more than 15 types of buildings in the city, including palaces, resource warehouses, capitols, and barracks. Each building has its own unique functions, such as producing resources or troops, conducting research to help in battle, or hiring new heroes. Has
Build a powerful empire through city internal affairs.

Kingdom Hunter

Hero’s main active skills
Magic damage to all enemies
magic damage to enemies
All allies become immune and the next skill turn is reduced
Deals magic damage to enemies and inflicts continuous damage
Deals magic damage to all enemies and inflicts continuous damage
Magical damage to the enemy with the lowest HP
Deals magic damage to all enemies and increases target’s next skill turn
Increases the evasion rate of all allies
Increases defense and magic defense of all allies
Increase attack power of all allies
Creates a barrier for all allies
Enemies attack your side with a certain probability
Increases defense of all allies
Increases own defense and taunts enemies
Recovers HP of all allies when attacked
Make a powerful attack and stun the next turn
Recover HP of all allies
Increases the next skill turn of all enemies and seals the skill with a certain probability
Deals magic damage to an enemy and increases the target’s next skill turn
Reduces all enemies’ attack power
Increase own attack power for a certain turn
Absorbs the strongest enemy’s attack power
create a shield for yourself
Deals magic damage to an enemy and removes the enemy’s immune state with a certain probability
Deals magic damage to enemies and restores own HP
Removes status ailments from all allies and recovers HP
restore one’s stamina
Decreases magic attack power of all enemies for a certain turn
Increase magic defense of all allies for a certain turn
Changes the opponent to an injured state with a certain probability
Stun enemies and deal magic damage
Stun all enemies with a certain probability
Increases attack power of all allies
Consumes own HP to increase attack power
Increases counterattack rate of all allies for a certain turn
Magic damage to all enemies
Absorb enemy POW
Increase magic attack power of all allies for a certain turn
Decrease all allies’ next skill turn

Available: Google Play / App Store – Korean

Kingdom Hunter

👇 P2E Version

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