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Kingdom Warrior – IDLE RPG

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Kingdom Warrior – IDLE RPG (by Pictor Games)

The Kingdom had been in peace and happiness for a long time. Everything changed with the attack of the enemies. Only the Hero of the Kingdom could stop them. But he failed. The Kingdom was in fear. As the entire Kingdom was about to lose hope, the Hero of the Kingdom underwent reincarnation. The Kingdom’s last hope had returned. To accomplish this Salvation Legend, the enemies had to be sent away from the Kingdom. Gather your equipment and troops. Render the enemies ineffective and restore the Kingdom to its former days of peace and happiness. You are the Last Hope of the Kingdom.

Save the Kingdom!
All the enemies in the entire universe have united. Only you can stop them. Use your special powers and defeat the bosses. Develop your abilities and fulfill the prophecy.

Kingdom Warrior - IDLE RPG

Develop Your Troops!
Warrior troops use swords and shields. Develop warrior troops to render their close-range enemies ineffective. Let them be the shield and vanguard of the army.
Archer troops use bows and arrows. Develop archer troops to render all enemies ineffective from afar. Archer troops are your secret weapon.
Cavalry troops use swords and bows on horseback. Develop cavalry troops to render their enemies ineffective. Cavalry troops are your sword.

Conquer New Lands!
Don’t settle for just rendering your enemies ineffective. Conquer new lands and continue to expand your Kingdom. This way, while rendering your enemies ineffective, you can also gain land and gold. You must fight for the peace of the Kingdom.

Kingdom Warrior - IDLE RPG

Unlock New Equipment!
Under the command of the Blacksmith, request the production of special weapons to render all of your enemies ineffective in the name of the Kingdom’s Last Hope. When in need of more durable shields and armor, visit the Blacksmith. The Kingdom’s salvation depends on it.
Special Inventory System! During battle, you can bring multiple pieces of equipment with you. Don’t forget to bring healing elixirs, various weapons, and armors!

Assistive Pet System! You are not alone in battle. Bring your assistive pet with you to render your enemies ineffective and help you in battle.

Combo System!
You have special powers! If you continue to attack consecutively, your critical hit rate will increase. Enemies are afraid of this. They will be scared when they see a fast and brave warrior.

Kingdom Warrior - IDLE RPG

Automatic Battle Mode!

To make this Kingdom War last forever, we added an automatic battle mode. Continuous development and repelling of enemies. You can continue to win, improve, and incapacitate your enemies in automatic battle mode.

This long-lasting Kingdom adventure awaits you.

Kingdom Warrior Features:

-Build the King’s City and Continuously Develop the Kingdom
-Unique Currency and Conversion System
-Special Inventory System
-Special Combo System
-Developable Hero System
-Blacksmith System
-Armor, Shield, and Weapon System
-Skill Development System
-Conquer New Lands
-Live an Epic Story
-Days of Gameplay Depth
-Offline Play Option
-Completely Unique Weapon, Shield, Armor, Skill System
-In-Game Music and Sounds
-Daily, Weekly, Monthly Quest System

The Kingdom is waiting to be saved, its last hope is in you. Be ready for this challenging battle and save the Kingdom!

Kingdom Warrior is constantly being developed. Don’t hesitate to share your feedback and suggestions.

Kingdom Warrior - IDLE RPG
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