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KingdomsM (ENG)

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The description of KingdomsM

Introduction of Three Kingdoms M
Team play strategy, Three Kingdoms! Teamwork makes you stronger.
Invite to large battlefields with up to 37400 units.
The war is not over!


Strategic Tactics
The Three Kingdoms M is a game with the most necessary elements in 三國志.
Just survive! yesterday’s enemy, today’s companion, you don’t have to trust anyone!


Beautiful defeat and ugly victory are all up to you


Experience a war in which power and strength are at odds with each other while exchanging various schemes and strategies.

Infinity War
The game reproduces more than 374 castles from the Three Kingdoms Period

Team Play
Experience the great battle in history with the world’s users.

Add Your Own Tale To History!
Try rewriting history in the battlefield where the history of the Three Kingdoms remains intact!.

Morroc & Bean
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