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Kizuna Fantasia (JP|EN)

Official Launch+Apk

💡Platform – Android | IOS

The description of Kizuna Fantasia (キズナファンタジア ) by IGETAYA

A magnificent scale 2D RPG with Ishinomaki City, Miyagi Prefecture as a unit.
Abundant conversation events that color the story.
-Full voice support for over 3500 lines of the main characters in the main game.
Powerful weapons can be obtained by actually visiting Ishinomaki and using GPS.
Original game goods will be presented when you use the cooperating stores in Ishinomaki City.
-Equipped with English subtitles.
A monster unique to Ishinomaki City that was adopted by the general public is now available.


Ishinomaki is a country blessed with great nature, such as the vast sea, magnificent mountains, and the lush green land.

A long time ago, a wise man who was admired by many as a “great saint” visited this place.
The great saints loved Ishinomaki’s climate and people deeply, and brought a book called the “Great Scriptures” to this land.

キズナファンタジア ~海辺の国の大聖典~

The Great Scriptures tell a beautifully pictorial story that gave the people of Ishinomaki smiles, joy, and sometimes courage, and under their protection, peaceful days continued in Ishinomaki.

At one point, it was decided to open up a new village in Ishinomaki.
However, it takes a lot of effort to cultivate the village, and there is a danger of being attacked by monsters, so it is difficult to cultivate the village because it is difficult for people to gather.
Therefore, I decided to ask for cooperation outside Ishinomaki.

キズナファンタジア ~海辺の国の大聖典~

A few days later, a witch boy saw the recruitment in a distant national capital.
He had never fought monsters and was still immature as a wizard, but he decided to go to Ishinomaki with a small promise he made when he was young.

キズナファンタジア ~海辺の国の大聖典~

When he visited this place and met a girl, many people, especially the two, met, deepened their ties, and opened the way for a great destiny.

The story of discoveries and adventures about Ishinomaki by boys, girls, and friends begins now.

キズナファンタジア ~海辺の国の大聖典~
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