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Knight Go! – Official iOS

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Knight Go! (by Unlimited Fun Forever)

Open the treasure chest to brush equipment, the treasure chest is the best reward for warriors!
The gameplay is very easy to play, click the treasure box to get top equipment, and move bricks for the necessary copies!
There is no need to reverse the monsters in the maze without the piano, and it can automatically hang up to bring you benefits when it is idle!
Extremely deep game content, the more you play, the more difficult it is!

Knight Go!

1. Experience heart-pumping chest-opening gameplay with a wide variety of equipment types, and feel the extraordinary thrill.
2. Enjoy a unique fingertip combat experience and savor the exceptional excitement.
3. Have a relaxing and casual experience while quickly killing your boring time, and feel the moment of surprise

Knight Go!

1. The game features a random probability system that makes every chest-opening tense and exciting!
2. All kinds of equipment in the game require players to obtain them at the moment of opening the chest!
3. The game also includes the Tournament, where players can compete and challenge other players, making the combat experience more pure and enjoyable.

Knight Go!

Nowadays, the mechanism of opening chests exists in almost all games. Compared to the exhilarating battles, more players are passionate about the process of opening chests, which is probably the most exciting moment in the game.
As for the quality of the equipment items, some exceed expectations with surprising joy, while others may disappoint. However, in this game, you will experience the purest joy of opening chests, allowing you to fully demonstrate and interpret your gaming experience.
What’s even more important is that the chests are completely free!

Available: Google Play – US, TW

Knight Go!

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