Knightcore Kingdom – EN

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Background Story
The Moon Has Fallen, there was a space crack created in Camelot by the impact. Demon pours out from the space crack, the legendary four territories have fallen into a bitter battle. What will happen to homeland that are now in distress? Carrying glory and mission – there has never been a shortage of ‘heroes’ on this continent. Maidens of the sword, leaders of the royal city, elders of Eden, holy magi, their very existence is the light of Susen. My beloved Lord, who is a being of hope, gather these stars and lead the heroes of the City of Knights to recover the fallen territories and save this formerly glorious world from the demons! “The bells of Destiny strike at the soul of the knights, are you ready?

[Gameplay Content]
Nearly 60 original “Heroes” and “Legions” with five occupational attributes that restrain each other. You need to strategically adjust your battle deck for different level challenges, and make timely point and route deployment during the battle to capture the enemy’s guard tower as quickly as possible.

Original Inverse Tower Defence
The 99-second tower attack design that overturns the concept of “tower defence” allows you to fully experience the fun of a fast-paced strategy game in hero matching and route selection. The enemy has the geographical advantage of being easy to defend and difficult to attack, so you need to show your wisdom as a lord!

Knightcore Kingdom - EN

Micro-strategy Constructing
During the game, the energy points of cards will be accumulated in real time, so you can strategically deploy your troops according to the energy points required for different cards and the restraint relationship.

Territorial Glory
The recovered territories will become your “territories”, and the resources gained from the unlocked “territories” can be used to raise “legions”, level up and build cities to restore the glory of Camelot!

Knightcore Kingdom - EN

Endless Challenges
You and your knights will be challenged in various modes such as “The Temple of Infinite Competition”, “Defence of the Exploration Camp”, “Trial of the Ten Knights of the Cat Queen” and “Finding the Relic in the Forest”.

Hidden Strife
The demon invasion has not ended the internal strife within Camelot, and the long-standing strife between the four “camps” is becoming clearer. “Only the wise and the brave can win this war!

Knightcore Kingdom - EN

International game development
The anime theme song and battle music have been created in collaboration with the Japanese and European Hungarian Budapest Symphony Orchestras, and the 70-strong live-action recording of the battlefield in Camelot is an unforgettably dangerous atmosphere.

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