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Knights in the Nightmare

Official Launch – Global + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS | Nintendo Switch

Languages: Japanese

The description of ナイツ・イン・ザ・ナイトメア (by STING Co.,Ltd.)

“Active & Tactical RPG” that combines real-time tension and various strategies is remastered!

HD screen, major interface renovations, major enhancements, major additions, and great playability!

With this app, you can play up to Chapter 4 clear as many times as you like, and enjoy the touch operation feeling and battle.

Also, if you purchase a scenario within the app, up to chapter 47 will be released.


Somewhere in the world where the realm of the gods and the underworld exist…

The impregnable ancient castle of Avenheim, standing on the lake, maintained a certain balance, but from one point on, the power of the underworld has eroded it into darkness…

Those who follow their loyalty and die, those who know the truth and betray them…

Many thoughts cross swords, and the order suddenly collapses…

In the midst of the chaos, a mysterious armored girl who does not belong to any knight order appears.

The encounter with her wandering soul “Wisp” that she awakened

Will it become the light that illuminates the dark night…

Who do you follow and what do you believe… the ending depends on your actions…



The player becomes a “wisp” and uses “knights” to fight enemies on the square, which looks like a tactics game at first glance but is completely different

Real-time active tactical barrage RPG.

While avoiding barrage attacks from enemies by operating the wisp

Inflict damage with orders to the knights to defeat the enemies and capture them.

You can befriend various knights along the way.

Over 140 people! !

Each knight has various relationships such as best friends, brothers, parents and children, and by using the talk pose function, you can deeply know the truth and relationships that are not revealed in the story.

[Additional functions & adjustment elements]

In this work, we have made major improvements such as additional functions and adjustment elements due to remastering!


There are two types of operations that can be played

Touch operation or gamepad operation

You can enjoy the game play with sophisticated and intuitive touch operation unique to smartphones, and feel the tension and exhilaration.

In addition, we have pursued ease of play even when operating with a gamepad connected.


Visual adjustments

・Refinement of character illustrations

・ HD full-body illustrations


A large number of functions have been added to help beginners play!

・Continue function

You can resume play from the middle of the battle with autosave. (*Normal save also available)

・Added optional equipment function

Implemented a convenient function that automatically sets the optimal weapon and key items before the battle with a single button! (It will be a help function for beginners)

・EASY mode

“Weapon durability and unit VIT no longer decrease, allowing you to concentrate on battle.”

・Implementation of a special tutorial

A special tutorial that you can learn while playing has been added to the tutorials, tutorial missions, and abundant tutorials!

・Optional implementation

In addition to adjusting the volume and screen, you can also make detailed settings changes such as touch operation adjustments!

・Retry function

“Can be redone at any time during battle!”


Greatly enhanced collection elements!

  • Added sound collection

“You can always listen to your favorite songs!”

・Added function to view past scenes in chronological order

The past event scenes are listed in chronological order, and you can replay and check the collected events at any time.

・Major adjustment of talk collection

“The more detailed information about characters, the more fun it is to collect them!”


The Yggdra arc, in which the main character Yggdra of “Yggdra Union” begins as the heroine, can be played by clearing hard mode!


New modes are also available!

・Boss Rush Battle

“Implemented a mode that allows you to battle bosses you’ve fought so far.”

“Setting up and saving is not possible, content for super advanced users!”

・Hidden options

Equipped with enemy double speed mode, hell mode, and hidden elements that allow you to enjoy unusual play!

In addition to this, it is full of adjustments and functions that cannot be introduced!

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