KOF: Survival City

Official Launch – Global + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of KOF: Survival City (by JOYCITY Corp.)

Gather fighters and defeat the afflicted and the NESTS organization!
A world conquered by NESTS.
In many places around the city, cyborgs and the afflicted are ruining the world with violence.

We’re running short of resources and people to confront them.
Join together with other fighters and free as many cities as possible!

In a world full of chaos and disorder,
trust in your fists and companions are all you have…

KOF: Survival City

Rescue survivors from buildings captured by the afflicted and secure areas around your base one by one.
Construct a fighter base that will save humanity from the NESTS’ threat!

KOF: Survival City

Recruit various fighters in the KOF series and construct buildings in the base.
Merge fighters to make them stronger and merge buildings to upgrade them.

KOF: Survival City

Experience awesome fighter moves, strategic battles, and fierce competition using your units.
Join large-scale multiplayer battles against the NESTS’ army!

KOF: Survival City

The more companions, the better.
Form alliances, cooperate strategically, and survive in a world filled with violence.
Join forces with others and bring down the forces that threaten your companions!

Official website https://kofsurvivalcity.joycity.com/teaser

Official Facebook Fan Group: https://www.facebook.com/TheKingofFightersSurvivalCity

KOF: Survival City

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