KOGs QUEST! – Open Beta – NFT

Early access + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of KOGs QUEST! (by RFOX Games)

Journey into the universe of KOGs Quest!

You and your fellow crew of cosmic corsairs wander among the stars in search of adventure, a little trouble, and a lot of treasure. Along your voyage, you will encounter strange unexplored planets, battle Gods and monsters, and recruit new crew members with wonderous abilities, all in the name of piracy and profit.

KOGs QUEST! - Open Beta - NFT

Use the elements to defeat hostile monsters in each world.
– Set your team in the deck tab. Some elements are better against others(e.g. Fire is strong against Leaf but weak against water).
– Match 3 of the same tile to attack your enemies and power up your crew.
– Match 5 to create power ups.
– Click on the glowing character portraits to use your team’s special abilities to deliver massive damage.
– Collect your booty… or die trying.
– Every win fills your chest with XP, Gold Bars and precious Gems.

KOGs QUEST! - Open Beta - NFT

There’s a chance you could pick up something even more valuable, like game consumables, new characters for your crew, and exclusive KOGs.
You may even walk away with a Mint Scroll that would allow you to convert your KOGs into NFT Characters, which come with metaverse wearables based on that character for your RFOX VALT Citixen avatar.

KOGs QUEST! - Open Beta - NFT

Connect or create a wallet to equip your KOGs & CHOOBS for character XP and stat bonuses.
Each character in KOGs Quest comes from one of our editions. Holding the corresponding KOGs in your RFOX ID increases your XP earning potential.
Choobs now have utility! Equip a KOGs Choob to gain stat bonuses for any character.\

Official website https://kogs.gg/quest-get-started

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