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Kumu’s Adventure

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The description of Kumu’s Adventure

Start your journey in a far future continent, where magic and tech rule the world. Explore the dangerous wilderness with your team of heroes. Kumu’s Adventure is a strategic rogue-lite RPG with fast and fun turn-based combat and evolving exploration. Build and improve your camp and equip your leader and your heroes in order to discover the truth of the ancient Immet Empire ruins and free the land from the evil Sartre Tribe.


Kumu's Adventure

Control your heroes in random generated battlefields, the fast and fun battle system is easy to play but hard to master. Each Hero, Monster and Boss has a full set of abilities and talents, which can change in every new exploration. Unleash the tech power of special battle chips for an even deeper battle experience.


Kumu's Adventure

Build your operations base camp, thanks to the advanced technology you will be able to improve your equipment and the one of your heroes. Increase efficiency and setup the production priorities to maximise your outcomes.


Kumu's Adventure
Kumu's Adventure
Kumu's Adventure

Explore the wilderness with your heroes in random generated maps, each time different.
Full of deadly dangers, puzzling quests and unusual events, it’s also the most exciting (and rewarding) experience for your team. Beat the Map boss to advance in your adventure and gain great loot!
But be careful, your SUV can run out of gasoline in the middle of nowhere…

● 5 Heroes (and counting), dozens of monsters and Bosses
● 7 Story Chapters (and more to come) to discover the truth of the fallen Immet Empire, going far in a wild, unknown continent
● Level up and upgrade your base camp, craft your equipments
● Use Hundreds of different equipment, artifacts, power chips, and more to upgrade and personalize your team tactics
● If you are a fan of TACTICAL TURN-BASED RPG, Rogue-lite experience and idle games, you will LOVE Kumu’s Adventure!

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