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Kung Fu Panda: Chi Master

💡 Platform – Android

Languages: Chinese, English – coming soon

The description of 功夫熊猫:神龙大侠 (by LUDASHI)

Welcome to Kung Fu Panda: Dragon Warrior
Action strategy, heroes gather! Start a new chapter of strategic combat and adventure!


Authorized by DreamWorks
The original “Kung Fu Panda” adventure, relive the screen classic, and work with Po to uncover the stories behind each character

Strategic showdown
Innovative auto-chess combat system, strategically match four heroes of hearts, spades, clubs, and diamonds to carefully match your team. Each hero has its unique skills and potential. Activate bonds to create your legendary lineup.


Personalized Home
Build freely in the Peace Valley. Luban provides a wide variety of buildings and decorations. Use the wisdom of ancient Luban to create your own paradise.

Glory Guild
Form a powerful guild, fight side by side with teammates, challenge the limits, and climb to the top of glory together


Create a powerful machine beast
Use ancient wisdom and modern technology to create powerful machine beasts with your own hands, making your machine beast an absolute force on the battlefield.


Various challenges
Explore the underground palace, challenge famous families, martial arts tournaments, and the Holy Fire Tower, and win rich in-game props and limited authorized peripheral rewards to make your adventure more exciting.

Are you ready to challenge the forces of darkness? Download now to join “Kung Fu Panda: Dragon Warrior” and become a new generation of Dragon Warrior

Available: Google Play – SG


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