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Kuroshio: Deep Sea Awakening (CN)

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The description of Kuroshio: Deep Sea Awakening (黑潮:深海覺醒)

“Kuroshio: Deep Sea Awakening”-the first “Rebel” perspective beautiful girl naval battle RPG mobile game. Let’s lead the doll girls to explore the world, with a variety of lineups to “fight” fate, and find the way of survival for the girls!

In the not-too-distant future, a war that almost destroys the world will make mankind lose the ability to sail. In the process of continuous development of doll technology, some doll girls successfully awakened their self-consciousness and undergone morphological changes. Faced with these puppets that no longer obey, the four major consortia entangled their military power and formed a joint organization to completely eliminate all uncontrolled awakened puppets. The player will act as the commander and write the story of fate and resistance together with the girls.


Doll Girl: Deep Sea Awakening
One character, two forms, the deep-sea awakening fully shows the girl’s “dark” form; double voices, feel the charm of the character before and after the doll awakens.
First-line Japanese seiyuu, dedicated voice
There are many first-line Japanese voice actors, such as Sakura Ayane, Kugimiya Rie, and Takahashi Lee.
Rewrite Fate and Join Hands Against the World
The unique “rebel” perspective tears away the illusion of peace, and the doll girl embarks on the road to awakening. Join hands with the girls to fight against the world, avenge the world, and fight to rewrite fate.
Free to explore and conquer, easy to use
Explore the vast world on a big map, choose the route of advance spontaneously, and enjoy the fun of conquering. Free dispatch of the fleet and free distribution of combat power to create a unique battlefield. Stationing and counterattack, new strategy fun; easy to get started, get high output placement income.

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