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La:Luna Fantasy(KR)


The description of La:Luna Fantasy(라루나 판타지)

If you are tired of splendid action, come to Laluna!
Easy horizontal battle on a healing fairy tale screen
Enjoy a fresh adventure in the bizarre adventure world “Laluna Fantasy”!

Infinite freedom horizontal adventure
Classic horizontal adventure, high quality game screen, high degree of freedom exploration
Meet various characters and feel the harmony of each class combination!

La:Luna Fantasy

Laluna coordination is being recruited~
From head to toe Hot Issue!
Disguise content that can decorate the whole body
Customize your style before going on a new adventure!

La:Luna Fantasy

Cute pet, anti-war power
Now let’s fight with the pet!
I don’t envy one well-bred pet or ten characters!
Let’s go on a new journey with my own pet that I raised!

La:Luna Fantasy

A warm family gathering
Don’t be alone anymore, let’s do it together!
Finding ties in the warm family system
Deepen each other’s friendship with various contents!

Exciting real-time PVP matches
Action game damage reduction
Arena, Guild Battle, Multiple PVP available
There is only one sticking in the numerous contents!

Double the reward and probability!
Just accessing the benefits is popping~
Equipment and items are obtained only with effort
From now on, enjoy the game with NO billing!

La:Luna Fantasy

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