Labyrinth Brave


💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of ラビリンス・ブレイブ (by AKDGAME COMPANY LIMITED)

Go ahead with the labyrinth with courage and hope in your own strongest formation!

The key to victory is the combination of skills, show off your Wisdom!
Build a deck from scratch, with endless possibilities depending on your choices.
You can decide a one-shot game with a high-cost special move, or you can steadily earn combos at a low cost.
It’s all up to you! Let’s judge the battle situation and make the best decision!


Create your own original character by changing your avatar!
Not to mention the different avatars of the four major races, humans, demons, elves, and therians.
Each of the 8 jobs comes with an exclusive costume.
Break through the labyrinth with your own original character!


Senri’s trip is not scary if you are with your friends! Let’s collect reliable otomo!
Combining cuteness and ability, there are more than 20 types of exclusive otomo!
Perhaps you can nod the enemy! ??


Easy roguelike that is kind to beginners!
An adventure to the labyrinth that departs in the gap time! !! !!
The story changes in your 5 minutes!


The freshness that you can enjoy as many times as you like, the Great Labyrinth will not let adventurers get bored!
Everything is unpredictable !! Get a rare item from an unexpected event! !!
Hit your own best of the best from countless skill cards! !!

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