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Lacuna – Sci-Fi Noir Adventure

Official Launch – Mobile

💡 Platform – Android | iOS | Steam

The description of Lacuna (by Assemble Entertainment)

Here’s the deal
You are Neil Conrad, CDI agent. Awoken by the news of a murder, you rush into a case that will soon turn your life and the whole solar system upside down. Ask questions, collect evidence, and put the pieces together until the ugly truth reveals itself… or not.

Lacuna - Sci-Fi Noir Adventure
Lacuna - Sci-Fi Noir Adventure

No takebacks
The story branches and ends based on your actions. There’s no going back. Sure, you can rush your way to the end – if you don’t mind paying the price. Play your cards right, and you might make it out alive.

Lacuna - Sci-Fi Noir Adventure
Lacuna - Sci-Fi Noir Adventure

How far will you go?
Some questions don’t have a right answer. Will you sell out a friend to protect your family? Will you endanger a loved one in exchange for public safety? Will you keep the peace or reveal the horrible, world-shattering truth?

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Lacuna - Sci-Fi Noir Adventure
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