Lapis Chronicle ~ Hero Crown(Rapicle)



💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of ラピスクロニクル(Rapicle) (by 5xgames)

You can do it all at the same time! Explosive RPG growth
“Lapis Chronicle ~ Hero Crown ~” (Rapicle) Has finally landed in Japan!
Taking full advantage of the next generation 3D modeling technology, it is the highest point among incremental gaming applications.
Works providing quality graphics
Experience an exhilarating battle like never before with cinematic 3D animations!

What is Rapicle?
An adventure fantasy that combines sword, magic and the world of the near future

High quality movie! Enjoy 3D production!
Highest quality running gaming apps
Over 100 beautiful and delicate 3D characters
Reproduce dynamic combat and great combat effect

ラピスクロニクル 〜英雄王冠〜

You can do everything at the same time! Effective explosive growth!
Battle screen, speed up to 12 times! Effective use of time in fierce high-speed battles
Implements a temporary exit function during a battle and can effectively continue multiple battles at the same time

ラピスクロニクル 〜英雄王冠〜

Easy and easy to operate, even if you leave it alone, it will become stronger!
You can easily get the study material just by leaving it for 5 minutes!
Win easily with automatic play!
Easy to operate for beginners!

ラピスクロニクル 〜英雄王冠〜

Deep team building and map placement are the keys to victory.
Organize heroes with 6 attributes to create the strongest adventure team.
Try 5 professions, unique skills and equipment, and various combinations.
Defeat excellent enemies in a unique look.

ラピスクロニクル 〜英雄王冠〜

Full-fledged playback elements, various content implementations.
Keel Tower (PVE), Arena (PVP), Arena (PVP),
Archaeological Research (Sugoroku), Memory Corridor (Hero’s Story)
Ranked battle (ranked battle between servers), the original function of the gilded battle,
Implement different content and different events
You can play alone or in a team in an easy and fun way at any time!

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ラピスクロニクル 〜英雄王冠〜

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