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The description of ラピスリライツ この世界のアイドルは魔法が使える (by KLab)

“Is the witch an idol in the world of teachers?”
An educational RPG from KLab x KADOKAWA that summons witches (idols) and miracles!
Create an idol + RPG game with serious quality!

The witches (idols) sing! Dancing! Fight! RPG!
The story of the growth of the hero and witches begins, who met the idol “witch” in another world and became a teacher.

Immerse yourself in a magical world with high quality 3D and beautiful cards with illustrations
A variety of performances and special moves drawn in full 3D will bring the battle to life!
Fight the boss with Magic x Song x Dance x Battle and win the show!

The cards, which can be obtained by summoning dramatically, direct one page of memories with witches with dynamic movements.
The illustrations of all the rarities start to magically move!

ラピスリライツ この世界のアイドルは魔法が使える

Become a teacher and train 20 female witches
Interact with apprentice witches and lead them to full-fledged witches!

Interacting with witches is a learning system that leads to growth! Increasing intimacy releases the elements of caring!
Raise “witches” and “cards” to strengthen the characteristics necessary for the battles!

ラピスリライツ この世界のアイドルは魔法が使える

Fight with your favorite witches
Dress up in cute costumes for your favorite witch Endless coordination!
Put on your favorite costumes and enjoy the battles and live performances!
Equipped with auto combat and skip function and auto selection that advances quickly.

ラピスリライツ この世界のアイドルは魔法が使える

The story of the witches is fully voiced, 3D and animation
The whole story about the miracle of friendship and bonds is full of voice!
Expressive full 3D and original in-game animation dramatically depicts the world of witches!

ラピスリライツ この世界のアイドルは魔法が使える

witch. It is light.
He purifies a threatening demon beast. And the one that delivers the desired song.
Flora Jogakuin is a school of such witches.
They dream. I hope that one day I will save many people and bring them smiles.

Every dream. Every trouble.
The new “kiseki” is about to begin with a busy daily life.

And now the magic “kisek”.

Official website

Available: Google Play / App Store – JP

ラピスリライツ この世界のアイドルは魔法が使える

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