Last Battlefield Earth

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Last Battlefield Earth (by Upsurge Games LLC)

– Explore dozens of unique hand-drawn locations.
– Fight for your life, and loot not only raiders and savages but also terrible aliens.
– Develop the character and his faithful friend – the robot dog.
– Create the best armor, weapons, and equipment from all sorts of rubbish and valuable parts.

Last Battlefield Earth
Last Battlefield Earth

Earth suddenly turned into a battleground for the aliens. Constructs and Livers (as we called them) did not agree with one another, and they frankly did not care about people either.
Some of us have served one side or the other, but none have done so voluntarily. Most of us were just trying to survive.
The war ended as suddenly as it began. At least for earthlings. Dreadful armies left the devastated planet, leaving behind many traces: strange artifacts, anomalies, and even their own wounded or deserted relatives.
Now we had to not only revive our world but also better prepare in case the creatures decided to return.

Last Battlefield Earth
Last Battlefield Earth

Attention! This is an alpha version of the game for testing purposes. Therefore, not all the possibilities of the game are revealed, and not all locations are available. This is unpleasant, but you can take part in testing the early version and write your ideas and wishes to the developers. Together we can make the game perfect.


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