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Last-Hit Defense – Official iOS

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Last-Hit Defense (by XOS Game Lab)

A defense game in which you build towers to block enemies from approaching.
An action game in which you control a hero to eliminate monsters.
An innovative ‘Action-Defense’ game created by merging two game genres !

Last-Hit Defense

You can get energy by killing monsters by hitting the last-hit as a hero.
When the energy obtained from the last-hit is charged, you can build a tower.
Without towers, you can’t stop the growing wave of monsters.
However, the dilemma is that it becomes difficult to hit the last-hit when there are more towers !
The only solution to this is strategically building towers and focusing on the last-hit.

Last-Hit Defense
Last-Hit Defense

Save the world of last-hit defense from darkness with your smart brain and fine control !

Stages with colorful features and overwhelming bosses !
Heroes who use their unique attacks and skills !
A wide selection of equipment to make your hero stronger !
Strategic selection and construction of towers according to the stage !
Various growth directions of the hero through randomly acquired abilities during battle !
Selectable hero’s talents according to your play style !
A battle situation that is always felt differently with random monster buffs according to the difficulty !
Score points based on last-hit and additional bonuses based on combos !
Leaderboard for each stage that competes with users around the world based on the score obtained !
Rewards that can be obtained by challenging numerous achievements !

Last-Hit Defense
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