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Last Hunter:Kill 9999 Zombies

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Last Hunter:Kill 9999 Zombies (by WEJOY Pte. Ltd.)

Game features
Two-hand control: Use your left hand to control the direction and your right hand to release skills to enjoy the battle. It is very suitable for players who like challenges.
Auto-aim: Enjoy stress-free yet enjoyable combat with auto-aim.
Offline rewards: Each battle lasts 5 to 10 minutes. Even if you are offline, you can get rewards through the idle treasure chest.

Last Hunter:Kill 9999 Zombies
Last Hunter:Kill 9999 Zombies

Character development
Legendary Heroes: Each hero has his own unique skills, combine weapons and equipment to match the strongest strategy.
Various equipment: Collect various equipment to enhance your ability to fight zombies and meet new challenges.
Powerful partners: Enhance your combat effectiveness by meeting and fighting powerful partners.

Last Hunter:Kill 9999 Zombies

Combat experience
Conquer the Corpse King: Conquer various powerful Corpse Kings, each of which has different challenge strategies.
Competition and cooperation: There are a variety of side gameplays at the same time, adding more challenges and fun.
Home Construction: Build and strengthen your base to provide better protection for survival.

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Last Hunter:Kill 9999 Zombies

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