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Last Summoner: Tower Defense RPG

Official Launch(KR)

💡 Platform – Android

The description of 라스트 서머너 : 타워 디펜스 RPG (by omona games)

Last Summoner: Tower Defense RPG

In the old days, the kingdom of mana, 『Hennessy』, appointed the world’s best summoners and wizards as guardians.
However, around the time their power cooled down, the world stood at the crossroads of destruction from the corrupted summoners.
When all humans are sucked into corrupted mana, the two are sent to another world to protect a child.
A few years later, as a young man, this child sets out to find a way to turn the world around as the last summoner.

Adhere to your own strategy and control!
– Break through many stages by placing summons on the walls.
– Show sophisticated skills by combining skills with various effects.
– Achieve victory with a strategy that respects attribute compatibility.

Summon an honorable pet to be with you!
– Summon a summoner who will be the strength of the summoner by supplying goods.
– Even if you summoned the same summon, you can summon a higher level summon through promotion.
– Increase the abilities of your summons by freely changing their properties.

라스트 서머너 : 타워 디펜스 RPG

Become stronger through various contents!
– Gold Coin Mine
Defeat greedy mimics to earn gold!
You can raise the item level by collecting gold!

라스트 서머너 : 타워 디펜스 RPG

– crack
Subdue the fairy king in the rift to obtain enhanced items!
You can increase your stats with strengthening items!

라스트 서머너 : 타워 디펜스 RPG

Other World
– Main Stage
Progress through the scenario to earn rewards!
Compete with users by clearing many stages!

Available: Google Play – KR

라스트 서머너 : 타워 디펜스 RPG

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