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Last War

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The description of Last War (by Oswald Games)

A dragon’s call shatters the silence.
Lander, God of Darkness, has returned, plunging Tamaris into chaos.

The Orcish Chieftain Kurrata united the tribes, subduing the Tavrosi, Goblins, and Wyverns, and founding the mighty Wilderburg.
The Celestials have awoken from their long slumber, exhorted to Humankind’s aid by Leosa, God of Light. Made up of Humans, Halflings, and Celestials, the League of Order was born.
The Elves and the Treants, brothers-in-arms for centuries, built their great homeland, forming the Springwardens.

The three factions are in dire need of new heroes to defend the land!

Build A Mighty Army
From Axemen, Archers and Cavalry to Wyvern Riders and Celestials—rally together legions of the air and land before war erupts.

Flying legions can pass over mountains, ravines, and seas, allowing for a wide variety of battle strategies by uniting with land infantry to achieve victory.

Last War

Explore the Story of Tamaris
Deploy scouts to explore the mist that shrouds great continent of Tamaris and discover the stories of its past and present.

Investigate villages to gain rewards, explore mysterious caves to earn treasure—your choices will determine the fate of Tamaris!
Seek out reports of Lander, God of Darkness, and prepare for the Last War!

Last War

Subdue Mighty Behemoths
Dark forces have scattered Manastone across Tamaris, cursing the land’s creatures and turning them into powerful and terrible Behemoths who threaten to wreak havoc.

Lead your army, summon your allies, and bring down these powerful monsters to bring peace to Tamaris once more.

Build Alliances and Expand Your Territory
Desperate to control the power of dragons, the forces of darkness seek to destroy Tamaris. The factions must stand together as one against this terrible threat.

Last War

Stand shoulder-to-shoulder with your alliance, and expand your territory to cover the continent!Fight the Last War against dragons in the heart of this great land. Gain victory, rise to the top, and take your place in the history of Tamaris!


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