Law Of Time And Space (TW)



💡Platform – Android

The description of 超時空法則 (by SummertimeGame)

Pre-order now and get it-Time Guard Fashion “Galaxy Shuttle”!
Cyber ​​city fantasy RPG mobile game!
Hurry up and join the search officer team and guard the city together!

In the new technological revolution, people’s lives depend on the support of “Ciou” technology. The great scientist Atiyah is the inventor of this technology. Through this technology, electromagnetic waves can be used to a great extent and a large amount of energy can be obtained from it. This technological invention makes people’s lives more convenient.

Transform into a mecha to guard the city
In the new era, with the frequent emergence of monsters from the dimensional cracks, you, as a search officer, have the ability to control the Mechanic through the test of adapting to new technologies, and through the constant proficiency of the Mechanic, resist the invasion of foreign monsters, and guard the brokenness. City!


The most adorable spirit, with fetters
Qi Ling, the aboriginal people who were invaded by foreign demons and the world was destroyed, have distinct personalities and different personalities. Sign a contract with them, interact sweetly, go on adventures and grow together, guarding only your fetters!
“Should we discuss what the content of the contract is?”
“Okay, what do you want to write down?”
“From now on, I am yours and you are mine.”


Build your own home, enjoy life
confusion! Disordered! In this era of rampant monsters and chaotic wars, there is always a space where you can forget all the pain and troubles, let you only think about rest and beauty, and calm your mind. The home is full of fun, you can arrange and decorate by yourself, simple and simple, sweet pink, and antique freehand. Your little home is dominated by yourself~


Self-made fashion, show off fashion
I don’t follow fashion, I am fashion~~~ Variety of clothes, a variety of different material combinations, according to your own style, make your own fashion clothes, which suit you, is the most valuable!


Supreme duel, honor society
It is my duty to recast the glory of the community! The contest between the community and the community, the collision of strength and wisdom, unite the comrades in the community, narrow the distance between each other, and fight for the honor of the community together!

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