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League of Angels: Pact

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💡 Platform – Android

The description of League of Angels: Pact (by Game Hollywood Hong Kong Limited)

About League of Angels: Pact
Welcome to League of Angels: Pact, the newest mobile game in the League of Angels series! As an epic idle MMORPG, this game takes you on a thrilling adventure through a mystical world full of danger and excitement. With stunning graphics and engaging gameplay, League of Angels: Pact delivers the ultimate fantasy adventure!

Game Features
Summon and Empower your Angels
There are a great many Angels at your disposal – summon forth the Angels and wield their divine power! Upgrade, reinforce, reborn, power them up and hurl them into glory battles. Choose your Angels wisely and create a powerful team!

League of Angels: Pact

Fight Epic Boss for Endless Loot
With every Boss battle and Raid, you’ll have the chance to claim divine equipment with a high drop rate ratio. Clash in spectacular battles solo or alongside your comrades in a highly immersive combat experience!

Collect 100+ Divine Weapons & Wings
Gather 100+ divine weapons to enhance your character’s abilities and power. Collect and activate Dazzling miracle outfits and wings that can be switched with powerful attributes at will.

League of Angels: Pact

Use AFK to Level Up
Use AFK to level up your character even while you’re away from the game. This innovative feature allows you to continue progressing and improving your character even when you’re busy with other tasks.

Dominate on the PVP Battlefields
Compete in ranked battles, climb the leaderboards, and earn exclusive rewards that will help you advance even further. With multiple modes, there’s always a new challenge waiting for you.

League of Angels: Pact

Exquisite Character Art and Design
As a tribute to the League of Angels IP, the game’s exquisite character art and design perfectly reference the original. There’s much more to learn about the Angels, discover the mysterious faces of all the Angels.

Join the League of Angels: Pact community today and dive into the stunning journey. Adventure awaits in this captivating fantasy world!


League of Angels: Pact

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