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League of Kings

Early access (Beta Test)

💡 Platform – Android

The description of League of Kings (by Great Road Game)

The undead army has invaded and the evil forces are trying to destroy the Kingdom of Sol!
The land is in turmoil and people have lost their homes!
All lords, let us join forces to rebuild the empire alliance! Summon heroes and build an army to protect the world’s peace!

Kingdom construction
You will explore an unknown wasteland as a pioneer. Rebuild a new empire, lead your troops to defeat the evil forces, and make a name for yourself!

Legendary Heroes
Upgrade your commanders by defeating the barbarians and sending them into battle. Enhance the abilities with the RPG-style talent tree and skill system, and let these war heroes lead your kingdom to glory!

League of Kings

Free march
Enjoy total control of the troops, fight in real-time and dispatch them to anywhere on the map. Launch sneak attacks, outflanks, and siege the city! Having these free march allow every battle to be fulled of variables and unlimited strategic possibilities!

League of Kings

Functional Buildings
Multi-functional buildings are available to protect your empire! The watchtower can help to detect invaders from afar; the magic tower can attack the invaders; and the stealth mines can ambush the enemy troops.

League of Kings

Multiple Game Modes
Lots of fun and exciting game modes are waiting for you! The Infinity Realm, Undead Ruins, Beast Wonderland and Shadow Tower are here to give you a unique gaming experience!

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League of Kings
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