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Legend of Almia:idle RPG

Official Launch – Global + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Legend of Almia:idle RPG (by Leniu Games)

The appearance of the Black Dragon Nighold broke the tranquility of the Almia continent for thousands of years.To resist the invasion of the dark forces, you will fight with various mythic heroes and start an epic adventure! In this fantastic and exciting journey, you will learn about the unknown 500-year history of the Almia continent and uncover the truth of its collapse!


The Western and Eastern Mythic Kingdoms have been in constant dispute for many years. However, the appearance of the Black Dragon Nidhogg created an unprecedented threat to the two mythic kingdoms. Will the mythic heroes of various countries fight together or continue to confront each other? The fate of this legendary continent is decided by you.

Legend of Almia:idle RPG

All attractive legendary mythic heroes will fight for you! Whether it’s Saint Gaia, Reaper Besefani, or Sword Princess Izayoi, add them to your collection!

Legend of Almia:idle RPG

No complicated gestures and strategies! Just earning rewards by AFK!

Legend of Almia:idle RPG

No fear of hero iteration and replacement! With settings such as Level sharing and return of training resources, new heroes can quickly reach their full Level!

Legend of Almia:idle RPG

The Legion Labyrinth gameplay has a roguelike element! You’ll never know if it’s a relic or a monster behind the door! Work up your courage and enter the maze for random rewards and mysterious treasures!

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Legend of Almia:idle RPG

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