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Legend Of Ninja M (Cn)

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The description of Legend Of Ninja M (忍者传说M)

Japanese ninja style card RPG game! Gorgeous Japanese-style paintings, hundreds of carefully drawn ninja paintings, and super popular Japanese voice actors are also added to give players an immersive gaming experience and enjoy a feast of audio and visual gluttony!

Pure Japanese style, beautifully painted
Restore Japanese architecture and gardening environments, hundreds of exquisite ninja paintings, introduce players to the simple and mysterious eastern island country! The overall picture is colorful and bright, with super popular Japanese voice actors, every scene is thought out to the smallest detail!


Strategic phrase, unexpected victory
Thousands of combinations of shackles, free combination of strategies, God’s blessing to help you in the battle! In this strategic battle, take on the ninja in hand and face the true winner! In battle, each ninja has different skills, and the release brings the best special effects, and different combinations bring different surprises!


Different ways to play, interesting exploration
Random levels, treasure chests from the sky, hidden BOSS … variety of gameplay and fun challenges! Always stay fresh and experience relaxing fun! It also integrates the family system, launches new SLG gameplay for on-site competition, plus unexpected experience points and bonuses, go explore!


Cross-server duel, competitive battle
Cross server! PVP! sports! Ninja dominate, cross-server cups, 1v1, 3v3 qualifications … Build the most mature competition system and create the strongest PVP atmosphere! Fierce cross-server war, you can’t do without a combat strategy! Join the battle!


Millions of benefits, easy to develop
If you want to play, you have to be cool, log in within seven days and have a daily social package, and you should be happy if you get soft! There are benefits when you hang up and you can harvest offline. You can get a lot of experience and fragmented diamonds when you go online every day. You can easily synthesize SSS heroes with your little finger!

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