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Legend of the King: Idle RPG

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Legend of the King: Idle RPG (by SuperGaming)

Rise! The Mana Goddess blesses you with a powerful Mana orb that grants amazing abilities! Choose your weapon, gather allies, and face formidable bosses together to protect the island & explore it fighting with your companion heroes!

Legend of the King: Idle RPG

Explore, progress & unlock loots/gears
Harness the power of the mana orb and uncover epic treasures! Battle monsters endlessly to unlock incredible loot. Upgrade your mana orb to increase the chances of rare weapon drops. You can acquire amazing gear such as rare and epic weapons & increase your stats with a single click. Enjoy the auto-progress feature, which allows you to play without constant supervision.

Legend of the King: Idle RPG

Recruit Companions & explore the adventure together
Defending the kingdom is not a solo mission! Recruit heroes as companions and assemble a strong team for your adventures. They will stand by your side, facing unknown challenges & fighting for Mystic Island!

Legend of the King: Idle RPG

Switch between characters for hero evolution
Customize your gaming strategy! Switch between warrior, archer, and mage as the battle demands. Train talents, enhance skills, and unlock the potential for a superhero evolution!

Legend of the King: Idle RPG
Legend of the King: Idle RPG

Socialize effortlessly and conquer bosses together
Form new friendships! Share adventure tips and tricks. Become part of the Mystic Island family, team with fellow adventurers to tackle challenging bosses, and explore entertaining features like the Palace and stable parking. Immerse yourself in a world filled with enriching and joyful experiences!

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