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Legend Of Thief

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The description of Legend Of Thief

Ride on your journey to fight the Shadow organization!

Legend Of Thief

There is a one guy named Lupin, who wants be a famous treasure hunter!
One day, he heard about the “Shadow organization”
from myterious Ardupont – the infamous gangs those who steal treasures
of the world and expand their power.

Against the dark force,
A journey to retrieve stolen treasures is about to start!
Find lost treasures, reveal a hidden civilization!
Hit the road, thief!

Game features
1. Easy play with only one hand!
2. Ride & Steal! Simple and dynamic actions with rope!
3. Various characters with powerful abilities!
4. Ride on your air balloon and travel all around the world – Korea, China, Japan, France, even England!
5. Search for the exotic treasures in special stage!

Legend Of Thief

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