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Legendary Clash

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The description of Legendary Clash

Imagine being a hunter in a world full of fantasy, magic and mysterious creatures. In the universe of Legendary Clash there are many beasts that are waiting to be discovered. Grab your bow and become the most epic hunter in the world! Tones of adventures are waiting for you!

Legendary Clash features:
Fantasy shooting games – be fast and shoot before you will be spotted!
Full of action gameplay – discover dozens of creatures and hunt them down!
Build up your skills and improve the equipment by facing other players.
Become the best hunter in fantasy games – it’ up to you which spot for shot will you choose

Legendary Clash

One of a kind fantasy shooting game
Track magical creatures – dragons, unicorns and many more. And when you find them, choose the best spot to shoot. Be watchful and ready to face many dangerous, mythical and rare creatures!

Legendary Clash

Extraordinary shooting places
Travel across most marvelous locations in mobile fantasy games! Experience the most stunning views and watch out for scary and dangerous beasts which are waiting just around the corner. Becoming a legendary hunter is not an easy trip to take but it’s surely worth it!

Legendary Clash

A master archer
Grab the arrows, aim and loose! Bow is the most accurate weapon to hunt for the legendary creatures. There are plenty of upgrades waiting to be unlocked and used. The choice is all yours! Enhance your shooting gear and hunt the beasts with deadly precision.

Legendary Clash

Duel against other hunters
The Legendary Clash is full of adventurous hunters who are waiting to compete with others! Will you face them and fight for the title of the best hunter in fantasy world? You have to decide!

Play Legendary Clash – one of the most exciting fantasy shooting games ever made! Download now for free and start your adventure with most epic hunt ever!

Legendary Clash

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