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Legends of Chronos

Soft Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Legends of Chronos (by AKG Games)

Sol, years of 213 the entire Kingdom is on the Dark Ages. The old king wants to recreate the glory of the kingdoms! And… will you become the Lord on the Prophecy?

Build Your City
Build a civilization and a prosperous city!

Legends of Chronos

Train & Upgrade Troops
Start research to strengthen the military and craft Exoskeleton to make them more fierce.

Legends of Chronos

Collect & Upgrade Heroes
Gather 90++ Heroes across the world! You can choose their skills, add growth points, make them commander, and even you can have a date with them!

Legends of Chronos

Join Alliances & Win Epic Battles
Alliance system allows all members to help each other: Speed up progression, Alliance Shop, Create Legion and be part of Territory War!

Legends of Chronos

Trade Across Continents
Build a Trade Station to start a trade to other Territories. Look up carefully the price on the other area buy low and sell high commodities!

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Legends of Chronos
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