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Legends Of Crystal

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💡Platform – Android

The description of Legends Of Crystal (by GingerSun)

In 2100 on earth a sign of the end of the age has arrived. A group of demonic and demonic creatures began to appear on earth. The wall of Zulfikri which has held back the destructive creature called ya’juj and ma’juj has been destroyed. The creature destroys everything on earth. However, there is still hope. Only someone from the past has the power of crystals that can help defeat all of them, before the time of the resurrection of the Dajjal (the strongest creature that has the cruelest power on earth)

Legends Of Crystal

– Discover a plethora of secrets, collectibles to gather, secret bosses to fight
– Play with advanced interactions and visual effects
– Over 20 floors to explore
– A 5-hour epic, written as a heavily character-driven narrative
– Quest Mission System
– Legend History Of Kingdom In Indonesian
– Forge unique master weapons and armor
– Customise heroes with unique stances and techniques
– Over 10 character can be play with a lot of animate skill
– Explore this group of characters, and learn how their lives have been affected by the past, their friends, and their own actions
– Battle over 80 fully animated monsters
– Relive the glory days of JRPGs Style
– Discover a plethora of secrets
– Collectables to gather, secret bosses to fight
– Randomized monsters & Randomized loot
– Contains colorful and lively graphics
– Detailed sprites, creepy-cute monsters
– Fun turned-based combat made amusing

Legends Of Crystal
Legends Of Crystal
Legends Of Crystal
Legends Of Crystal

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