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Legends of Elumia – NFT

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💡 Platform – Android | iOS | PC

The description of Legends of Elumia

Legends of Elumia  is a next generation Play to Earn Massively Multiplayer Online RPG (MMORPG)

 10+ Years of Game Development Experience

 In-Game Marketplace and NFT integrated — Own and Earn!

The Next Generation MMORPG

Legends of Elumia is a fast-paced multiplayer action MMORPG where the player can socialise with others in the city of Elumia, or take their character through various outdoor areas and dungeons to earn experience and levels, gain new loot, and obtain valuable resources.

Elumia uses Solana to ensure a fast, secure, and decentralized digital asset ownership in a liquid and secure marketplace. Players can immerse themselves in various world zones, engaging in multiplayer adventures, quests and fierce player battles with in-game enemies and against other real time players.

Unique features of Legends of Elumia

Elumia is an MMORPG that stands heads and shoulders above other games in this space in both its colorful visual style and its ambition blending established gameplay mechanics with digital assets. For established gamers and newcomers to the space, the opportunities in this play-to-earn environment will be immediately apparent.


Players will retain total ownership of their in-game assets such as weapons, buildings, pets, and even digital land. In addition, all the NFTs will have a 2D avatar image, a 3D viewable version, and a fully animated in-game 3D asset. This opens up a new level of player interaction as Elumia users will be able to trade these assets within the marketplace. These NFTs will also be available for sale on other platforms outside the Elumia website, exposing players to the much broader NFT ecosystem.


Elumia is ideally suited to illustrate and also take advantage of the opportunities presented for core game experiences in the metaverse. Whether a player wants to make a name for themselves in arena duels, become a legend for their exploits clearing dungeons, a store owner providing resources to the broader community, or even a landowner carving out a piece of their own virtual land, Elumia will be a digital playground of vast and varied opportunity.


One intriguing gameplay element for all players to explore in Elumia is player-versus-player (PvP) duels. In this mode, gamers will compete against each other in the arena in battle formats featuring individual contests or team-based clashes. Experience and items earned through these challenges will allow a character to remain atop the rankings. They can then add through trade or purchase NFTs representing enhanced weapons or armor that can propel them further up the ladder and attain still improved in-game digital loot.


Around Elumia the landscape will be dotted with a variety of challenges that contribute to enhancing the backstory of this intriguing world. They also provide key challenges where the character’s abilities are tested in solo situations or where grouping with associates will be required. A guild system will allow characters to join like-minded players, providing an almost instant source of possible party members or specific help that you may need to defeat a particular encounter. Of course, the strong solo route is always an option for players who want to carve their own path through the Elumia ecosystem.


Legends of Elumia is one of very few games that uses two different native utility tokens — $ELU and $EKS.

  • Elumia Crowns ($ELU)

$ELU is Elumia’s governance and staking token. Holders of $ELU will be allowed to participate in DAO governance and stake their tokens to earn rewards. $ELU can also be used within the game and spent to purchase character upgrades.

  • Elumia Crystals ($EKS)

$EKS is Elumia’s in-game currency token. Players earn these tokens by participating in various activities within the game environment. These tokens are the recognized medium of exchange within Elumia city and are spent during in-game activities.

What this all means

Legends of Elumia is a true thought- and technology-leading next-generation, play-to-earn MMORPG. Designed by an experienced development team that can already boast several successful projects in the MMO space, this shift into the metaverse will only enhance the opportunities. Players will recognize immediately the inherent fun in the core gameplay as well as the potential to earn tremendous rewards through interacting with the game world, community, and economy.

The focus is to make Legends of Elumia incredibly fun for experienced MMO gamers, for newcomers to the genre, and for all players to own their digital assets. The aim is to set a new bar for game quality, entertainment, and interaction in this metaverse and beyond.

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