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Legends of Soul

Official Launch Android + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Legends of Soul (by ROC GAME LIMITED)

Magnificent 3D View and Graphics
Come and experience free air combats with 3D view in a boundless world! Spread out your wings and soar through the sky!

Legends of Soul

Challenge powerful enemies and break your limits
Engage in thrilling battles against Boss instances and play your role in Faction defensive battles! Break your limits and defeat your enemies!

Legends of Soul

Stunning Appearances and mighty weapons
Customize your own appearance, and showcase your unique style to others! Equip with mighty weapons and enhance them for fights!

Legends of Soul

Engage in Intensive Online PVP Battle
Conquer the world by challenging and defeating other players! Let your name be heard all over the land!

Legends of Soul

Reliable partner with unique talents
Collect/Summon lovely and reliable partners. Train them and take them to assist you in fierce battles!

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Legends of Soul

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