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Legends Royale

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The description of Legends Royale

Welcome to the Legends Royale game!

Multiplayer first-person shooter game.

Fast gameplay, a lot of action, a lot of prizes and unlimited fun!

Load up your loadout and start fighting with other players.

Legends Royale

You can fight with your team on Warline, play deathmatch mode, enjoy defend mode or join unlimited jump to die mode.

Legends Royale

Your weapon is designed by real weapon references and the bullet physic is calculated from a real-world bullet mechanics.

Legends Royale

You can discover 5 different battle zone, 3 different modes and unlimited customizations. You can create your own loadout or you can join weapon rush mode.

Come to the battleground, and dominate your opponents now!

Legends Royale

Battlezone waiting for you!

Legends Royale

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