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Legion of Ace: Chaos Territory

Official Launch+Apk

The description of Legion of Ace: Chaos Territory

New 3D Real-time battle collectible RPG mobile game in 2020: “Legion of Ace: Chaos Territory” is ready! Open panoramic map, immersive role-playing, fast global real-time matching & fighting, epic war experience of the heroes. Are you ready for the fight?

Main Features:
– FREE to play Thrilling Collectible PVE, PVP & TCG game!
– GLOBAL server players engage KVK war from all over the world!
– CREATE grand strategies with Squads from 4 different races.
– STRATEGIZE with innovative Formations that guarantee EPIC battles.
– BATTLE real-time kvk opponents. Go head-to-head with the players worldwide.
– SUMMON & UPGRADE 40+ Squads illustrated with jaw-dropping fantasy art.
– PORCELAIN 3D CG Holy Souls displayed with unique powers.
– LOTS of award – winning collectable Squads & Artifacts in-game!

SSR Squads
Collect hundreds of Squads from 4 races. Assemble balanced teams of Humans, Hell, Orc, Forest. Meet your enemies, try to recruit them on your side!
Train Unique Dual hero growth in different ways. Be ready to defend your homeland from Dragon and foes on Gaia.
Binding fetter for your Squads. Enhance your Squads with Equip, Stars and mysterious fetter effect. Explore the World & Dungeons to achieve your glory after all the tasks.
Strategy formation with dominate power decides where to drop your Squads makes each battle interesting

Legion of Ace: Chaos Territory

Dungeon Conqueror
Follow the great Archmage Gangdale’s guidence. To meet Dungeon Magic Bosses, Evil Monsters, experience the Mini-maze puzzle, Quiz, etc. Show us your courage and wisdom as the Chosen One, who was born to save and protect the Gaia kingdom!
Explore the Dungeon that full of adventures to dig out the truth and key to become the strongest lord.

Legion of Ace: Chaos Territory

Legend HolySouls
Athena, Aurora, Hercules, Artemis, Ourea and Baal. Gods of legend will be presented on battlefield and give you a helping hand to win, letting alone escort your full-loaded troops crossing over the World that full of danger.
Then, who will be your first option for expedition in this chaotic kingdom?

Legion of Ace: Chaos Territory

Mystic Artifact
Light Book, Might Staff, Roar Hammer, Earth Heart. They can attack, aid and defense, being the powerful backup for Squads.
Dazzling combo skill would be seen once you activated the Artifact Chain during the exciting battle.

Legion of Ace: Chaos Territory

Guild & Cross-Server Battles
The first thing you need to do is forge your kingdom with a hammer, castle the glory is waiting. World Tree, Temple Clash, Dragon Slayer, Dragon Egg Collection, Cross-server Battle. Multiplayers from all over the world gather here for the same game. Work with your Guildmates together in multiple SLG battles against foes, win abundant resources and rewards to make your guild stronger!

Strategic Arena
Show your stratagem by arranging formation with selective 8 Squads & 4 Artifacts on a 4*3 battlefield. Fight against other players face to face.

Legion of Ace: Chaos Territory
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