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Legion of Ace: Shadowlands (ENG,RUS)

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💡Platform – Android

The description of Legion of Ace: Shadowlands

Beautiful 3D real-time strategy game with RPG elements Legion of Ace is now available on Android! Nice drawing in the best RPG traditions, elaborate animation, funny and thoughtful dialogues and interesting gameplay will delight you. This game will appeal to both RPG lovers and strategy connoisseurs, because it has collected all the best from these areas.

Why play Legion of Ace?
⚔️ This is a free and very beautiful action RPG real time strategy game with PVE and PVP modes. This means that you can get a very interesting and pleasant gaming experience from it!
⚔️ There is a large selection of various heroes (over 40) for the most epic battles
⚔️Gathering powerful squads, combine the skills of your heroes to get the most effective victories both with monsters and in PVP battles
⚔️Different, innovative squad formations guarantee victorious battles
⚔️A large and adventurous world will constantly throw up interesting events: not only action, but also riddles in which you have to work your head
⚔️Run your city: improve it, build new buildings, collect resources, run a household. Ideal for strategy lovers.

The world of Legion of Ace is a world in which everything has been calm for many years. Until the omnipotent magician used an ancient spell and with its help woke up the Black Dragon that had been dormant for centuries, who attacked the peaceful kingdom of Gaia. Thus, the sorcerer planned to take revenge on his younger brother – the ruler of these lands.
The dragon walked with fiery breath through the cities, burning everything in its path. But it was not there, you stood in the way of the angry monster – the chosen knight! You have gathered around you a squad of brave heroes who are ready to fight the enemy and have instilled in the hearts of people the confidence of an early victory!

Legion of Ace: Shadowlands

You have to found a fortress – an outpost and make devastating campaigns to the land, rescue civilians under the rule of the Black Dragon.
Legion of Ace is a massive RPG strategy game in which you’ll build a fortified castle, create an army, take part in epic battles and expand your dominion on the world map!

Legion of Ace: Shadowlands

Unique heroes with murderous skills will help you with this! Gather a powerful squad of diverse heroes, sort them and use them as efficiently as possible. Each hero has his own skills, someone can unleash a fire storm on the enemy’s head, and someone will take the main damage!

Legion of Ace: Shadowlands

Participate with them in epic PVP battles, raids and large-scale clan battles. The original clan system and separate guild quests will allow you to feel your friend’s shoulder at the most dangerous moment of the game.

Legion of Ace: Shadowlands

Magic artifacts
In battle, you will not have time to get bored, because you have to help your squad using various artifacts. They can attack, heal and defend, and are a powerful reserve for troops. Only you determine the outcome of the battle!

The gods themselves are by your side
In the story, you will now and then meet various Holy Souls. Athena, Aurora, Hercules, Artemis, Ureya and Bael will lend you a helping hand for victory on the battlefield and will accompany your troops in this world full of enemies and dangers.

Legion of Ace: Shadowlands
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