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Liberty City

Early access(New Beta Test) +APK

💡 Platform – Android

The test opens at 06:00:00 03/10/2022 (GMT) and lasts 4 days

The description of Liberty City (by Youzu (Singapore) Pte. Ltd)

After beating up your superior and getting fired, you are determined to do something grand and prove your capabilities to your contemptuous ex! Of course, if you wish to make a name for yourself in a melting pot like Liberty City, being alone will not get you very far. You might even end up sleeping on the street! Fortunately your childhood buddy Bev invited you to join the Brotherhood, a friendly and close-knit organization! You know your opportunity has come: you will fight alongside the Brotherhood and dominate Liberty City!

Game features:
An innovative way to explore the city
Besides overlooking the city, the third-person view enables you to walk along the streets and immerse yourself in all the vivid details.

Liberty City

Relaxing AFK play mode
Liberty City does not require complicated maneuvering. Your clever henchmen will find work in the city so that you can keep rolling in the dough while being AFK. This legendary mafia journey only needs ten minutes a day.

Liberty City

Unlimited access to FIB Headquarters
The FIB Headquarters instance offers numerous rewards and thrilling challenges, and it is available any day, any time! Test your battle skills whenever you feel like it.

Liberty City

Mix and match combat strategies
A wide range of leaders and heroes means endless possibilities for strategies! Customize your formation and skill set to control the situation and turn the tide!

Stylish outfits and gear
The head honcho of the underworld of course requires cool outfits. Show your style and power with our extensive collection of trendy outfits and gear!

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Available: Google Play – PH

Liberty City
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