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The description of Life Makeover (Archosaur Games)

Life Makeover is a limitless dress-up and life simulation game, developed by Unreal Engine 4, incorporating high-quality immersive graphics with various gameplay, in order to provide exquisite visual delights and great gaming experience. Join us and embrace the infinite world of romance!

In Life Makeover, you can create your own unique character, customizing different features such as hair color, facial features, and body features, of which you can all adjust to your own liking. You may also select from thousands of different clothing items and create a wide range of fashion styles for your character. In addition, you can create and decorate your own home, meet people from all around the world, and enjoy happy leisure time together.

Life Makeover will launch its first global test in Southeast Asia. Exclusive rewards for the first test are waiting. Limited access, hurry up and sign up now!

Game Features:

Thousands of appealing outfits, style at your will
Dazzling Gen-Z fashion items, magnificent and beautiful haute couture dresses, one-of-a-kind vintage outfits, refreshing and charming casual garments, thousands of appealing outfits are waiting for you to pick. A game that fulfills your fantasies and expectations of beautiful clothes, styling to your own personal tastes.
It’s not only about choosing clothes. You could also design their own clothes. It is possible to make your own clothes from fabric all the way to the finished product, such as choosing fabrics to then tailor and eventually sew. Pick your favorite graffiti pen, create on your own clothes, maybe print your life motto on it or draw an impish Pikachu, be free to enjoy the beauty and freedom that hand-making brings.

Life Makeover

Deep customization system, create your unique character
A multi-dimensional character customization system, which satisfies all your demands for the appearance of your character.
Life Makeover breaks through the boundaries of character customization. You can modify facial features in much further detail, as far as even the character’s smiling expression.
Life Makeover depicts every element of cosmetics in great detail and reproduces a plethora of gorgeous shades for you to choose from.
Furthermore, you can select from a variety of skin tones and body shapes, expressing your limitless personalities from within the virtual world.

Life Makeover

A Home system with a high degree of freedom, build your home from the ground up
You could build your own special home.
Select the location of your house based on your own preferences and then build it yourselves. You can further decorate every section, make it into a villa overlooking the sea, a luxury bungalow, or a tranquil farmhouse.
You can even create your own interior design style. All furniture and decorations can be color-coordinated, created, and arranged by you.

Life Makeover

Social interactions and versatile gameplay
There is also an abundance of unique romantic interactive experiences in Life Makeover’s limitless universe. You can enjoy the companionship of cute pets in the comfort of your own bedroom, meet other players and invite your friends over to spend a peaceful afternoon tea together….

A high-quality graphic, accurately reproduces authentic details
Life Makeover is developed by Unreal Engine 4, which brings the nuances of the fabrics and accessories to life.
In close-up views, you can also see the warm and delicate skin texture under the sarong, realistic hair details, flawless fabric with embroidered flowers, sparkling jewelry embellishments,every single thread striving to be as realistic as possible.

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Available: Google Play / App Store – MY, SG

Life Makeover

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