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Light of Hell

Official Launch+Apk

💡Platform – Android

The description of Light of Hell (by HONG KONG TOUDA CO., LIMITED)

Heaven, Hell, and Humanity. Long have these three forces existed in balance, but alas, it was not to be. Old King, Agamon has invaded the Heavens to seek the secrets of eternal youth. Determined to maintain control of his power and life, he deceived the Angels and led the Imperial Knights on a massacre across the Heavens. The “crusade to cleanse the Heavens” has sent the Angels to the only place they can seek refuge – Hell. Angels have bent the knee and swear their oath of loyalty to you in return for your help in taking vengeance upon King Agamon. Now you must rally your troops for the battle that is to come. It will be no simple feat as Agamon has made contingency plans and used Heaven’s magic to preemptively sealed you and your forces away. In your absence, chaos has taken over hell. Agamon has just made this personal.

Save Blessed Angels and turn them to your cause. Their beauty and grace will now serve you, Master.
Use the powers of Heaven to supplement your Demonic Hordes and unseal powerful beasts unseen since the Beginning of Time.
It has been so long since you unleashed your power, some Demons have started to forget why you are the Master. Time for you to teach these insurrectionists a brief history lesson of pain.
Stay cunning as Agamon is no easy foe. Leverage the strengths and weakness of your unique Army and crush all Kingdoms that stand in your way.
Join other Lords as you vie for supremacy against Humanity.

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