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LiL BIG Brawl

Official Launch+Apk

💡Platform – Android

The description of LiL BIG Brawl (by In2Fun)

[Classic Battle Royal Mode of 3 minutes]
The main 3-minute two-person team battle mode, rich guns and props, based on favorable terrain and randomly dropped props. You can fight side by side with your teammates and destroy your opponents!

LiL BIG Brawl

[Hardcore Breakthrough-with the refreshing battle]
You can choose to grow a BUFF when you defeat a level, and you can combine different abilities with exclusive gameplay. There are hardcore BOSS waiting for you to challenge! Conquer it with your teammates!

СкриншотLiL BIG Brawl

[Real-time social networking-match soul teammates]
All online players compete on the same screen. Real-time voice interaction within the office. Team up quickly and automatically, and win the King of Chicken with your soul teammates~

LiL BIG Brawl
LiL BIG Brawl
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