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Line Chess

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Line Chess (by JUNGLEMONG Company)

Line Chess is a free-to-play, multiplayer turn-based strategy CCG. Strategically choose your unit characters and summon them at the right time to win a battle. Collect a variety of characters with different abilities! You have 4 dominant commander classes and 150 unit characters, each with their own unique abilities and skills.


Multiple Types of Gameplay
• Unfold the extensive PvE battle stages.
• Compete in PvP arena battles.
• Earn rare unit characters and commanders to defeat your enemies.

Line Chess

Battle System
• Strategically summon and place units on the battlefield to fight for your commander.
• Level up to unlock new abilities and skills.
• Join a team with other players, or compete against them by engaging in an arena battle.

Line Chess

Variety of Campaigns
• Vast and varied battle stages to explore on your journey.
• More than 100 battle stages.
• Infinite Tower, Hardcore Boss Raid with rewarding loot.

Line Chess

Team Fights
• Team up with your friends to confront the toughest challenges.
• Play together for higher ranking and the best rewards.

Battle System Details

Units are the ones on the tiles that move in that line each turn. They move and attack the first thing they run into coming from the opposite direction in the same line.

Units move against each other in the line until they front each other, then fight based on their attack and defense stats. Some units have skills like range attack, the ability to affect units in adjacent lines, healing other creatures, etc.

You can win the game when your friendly units eliminate enemy units in order to kill all enemy commander units. When all enemy commanders’ Hp becomes zero, they are defeated. Therefore, the strategy comes from deciding which lines to place your friendly units and which units to summon in what order within the line.


Line Chess

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